Thursday, January 6, 2011

Benedictine:The Spread

Second recipe from "the book." The theme of this area of the book is things you might eat while you cook. So in other words, you cook before you cook. Fun, right? Well it might be if you had people over watching you cook. This would keep them out of your way; at least that's what the author suggest.

Here are the ingredients for this cream cheese/cucumber concoction.

I included the grater in the photo because it was key for getting the cucumber and later the onion to look like this.

As a pre-party dish this one requires a lot of pre-planning. The cucumber had to drain for two hours and finished spread had to chill for one. So not really something you can just whip up. Though once it's whipped (my food processor has had quite the workout this week) you get this.

Kind of bland looking, but it tasted very good and refreshing. Well as refreshing as anything on white bread can be. Nevertheless I think it was very good, and if I was hosting a ladies lunch or baby shower I would consider serving this as tea sandwiches.

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