Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Blue Ribbon Pimento Cheese

So this is why I made the mayonnaise. It held up overnight just fine. It was a little bit spicier in fact for sitting in the fridge.

Now this is what you have to know about me and pimento cheese. I love pimento cheese. What's more I make a delicious, very easy pimento cheese that combines extra sharp cheddar (shredded by hand is best, but you can use a food processor shredder; never EVER buy pre-shredded cheese), diced pimentos, a can of rotel and just a smidge of mayonnaise. So I was very interested to try this alleged Blue Ribbon winning pimento cheese.

Here's the ingredients.

I shredded the cheese in the food processor, then had to empty it out, insert the blade and put the cheese and pimentos back in. The recipe said to pulse the processor, but I found that took forever to get the pimentos close to the blade. I actually removed cheese and put it back in to make it work a little better. Then you added the mayo, pulsed again, then the spices, pulse again, and a little more mayo. And here's where it goes off the rail for me.

The consistency is supposed to be a thick paste. Here's where I stopped it.

This may not even be as processed as she meant. But it was as "smooth" as I could take it. I like my cheese much, much more looking like actual cheese than cheese spread. It also is a little bland, to my taste, despite the cayenne. Nevertheless, I made a sandwich.

And I'll definitely eat it all, but I won't be making this one again.

Update (1/5) -- And just like the mayo, it turns out that once you let this sit in the fridge it gets better. Texturally it is still too smooth for me, but the bland criticism is no longer valid. It has a nice flavor, especially on the Milton's Multi-Grain Baked Snack Crackers than came in some Christmas basket we received. My mom also was a big fan, but then she doesn't like things to be spicy.

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