Monday, January 3, 2011

First Recipe -- Part 1 -- Lella's Mayonnaise

The first recipe in the book is for pimento cheese, but it requires you to make mayonnaise first. So here goes.

Here are the ingredients assembled.

First add everything except 3/4 cups of oil into the food processor.

Here's where we are after the blending.

Then run the processor and drizzle in the oil to get here.

The cayenne adds a nice spice, but all in all I'm not sure it was worth this effort. It wasn't that hard actually, but of course now I have to wash the four pieces of the food processor before I can make the actual pimento cheese. So that will have to wait.

I've put the mayo in the fridge. Hopefully it will keep at least a day. The recipe fails to state how long it will last.

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