Monday, January 3, 2011


So, my birthday was last week. I turned 45. We got to spend it at the beach. That's all good, until it came time to open my presents. My sister and her family gave me a great gift which I had asked specifically for

Abita Christmas Ale. We found it in Memphis as well, but I wasn't sure we would so I sent my Baton Rouge family out to secure it before it's gone. And they come through.

Then my mom got me some personalized stationary. I asked for that too. I'm always running out of note pads to make grocery lists or knitting notes or what not. So that was great.

Then there was my husband and son. Earlier in the week I had asked my son in front of my husband, "so what did you get me?" And you know what it turned out to be --- NOTHING! My son and husband got me nothing from my son. And from my husband, I got this.

A cookbook. A cookbook I didn't ask for and didn't need. And that was it. Yep, that was it.

Nevertheless, I'm going to try to cook through it and record my thoughts about it. Unfortunately it's not really an everyday for dinner sort of cookbook. It has a chapter on Gravy for goodness sake. So, we'll see how it goes. It'll probably end up being mostly random depending on what's available in the markets and whether or not I can get ahold of certain weird ingredients. It'll probably turn out good, but for now this ranks up there with one of the two worst presents I've ever received.

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