Monday, January 3, 2011


So, since the infamous cookbook has failed to yield a dinner meal, at least tonight, here's what I'm cooking and serving.

I made the greens for New Years and they were delicious! I used regular chard that time, I'm using rainbow chard this time. I'm also sure I'll have to cook the chicken longer because I bought chicken breast halves and whole legs rather than cutting up (or having someone cut up) a whole chicken.

Post Mortem -- the chicken was very moist and cooked through with 5 extra minutes on the heat and 5 off. But it was a little bland. I also wish the chicken pieces had been much smaller. Guess I'll cut up the chicken next time. I liked the orzo, especially when I topped it with the cooking juices from the chicken. And the greens, while not as amazing as when I cooked them New Year's was good. I think the difference in part was that I used White Wine Vinegar instead of White Vinegar. I think the basic white vinegar added more zing.

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